Brother Testimonials

“Many things can be said about AEPi. We stand for things like brotherhood, friendship, Judaism, partying, alumni, and academics. The most interesting part about AEPi is that every brother will tell you the best part is something different.”

Ethan Shenberg ’14

“Coming from Miami, I wasn’t sure how well I would fit in at a school like Penn State. It didn’t take long to realize Alpha Epsilon Pi was the place for me. The brotherhood and memories I have made, make the fraternity what it is…”

David Grossman ’15

“I have known for awhile that AEPi has always had a strong reputation for being a top Jewish fraternity. Plus, , my uncle and cousin are both brothers of AEPi and I wanted to follow in their footsteps. It was apparent how strong the brotherhood was while I was at the house for rush events, and knew there was no other place I could fit in like I did at AEPi Penn State."

Todd Goldstein ’18

"Wasn’t really into joining a Jewish fraternity in the beginning of rush, but when I saw the house and met the brothers I connected immediately. We all have the same interests and grew up with the same values. I connected with them because we all went to camp and I felt really comfortable. I’m proud to call myself a brother of AEPi."

Jeffrey “Bing” Bial ’16

"I became interested in AEPi originally because my older brother was an AEPi man (Syracuse ’12). Since the first time I visited the house and met some of the brothers during rush, I knew this was the place for me. The morals and values that AEPi is built upon are those that make up a true man. These are the guys that I will forever be able to truly call my brothers. I am, and always will be, proud to call myself an AEPi man."

Sam Kovel ‘16

Lost Lists

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