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Today he works in the aerospace and defense industry as a consultant in Washington, D.C. But only seven years ago, Brother Adam Harrison ’07 had just finished his PSU degree and was courting his AOPi sweetheart. Life at AEPi PSU has given him several very fond memories and reasons to return to Happy Valley whenever he can.

Adam, tell us a little bit about yourself (hometown, degree, family, etc.):
I am originally from Longwood, Fla., a suburb of Orlando. I graduated in 2007 with a B.S. in finance. I currently work as a strategy consultant for RSAdvisors, serving aerospace and defense clients. I work primarily with CEOs/CFOs on strategy, mergers/acquisitions and market analysis. My first date with my wife was at an AEPi formal my junior year. She was an AOPi, and we were set up on a blind date.

Adam with wife Sarah on a visit to Israel.

What were the determining factors in your decision to pledge AEPi?
I played basketball with a bunch of guys in the fraternity before I started pledging. I also attended several AEPi parties prior to pledging that included many good-looking women.

Did you fill any leadership positions within the chapter during your undergraduate years? If so, what/when?
I was the treasurer (exchequer) in 2006.

What are the most significant memories you have of your days at AEPi PSU?
As a senior, we won football, basketball and racquetball in the fraternity IM.

Adam joins a group of AEPi brothers at a PSU football game.

How has your fraternity membership impacted your life since graduation?
AEPi brothers are all over the world and as someone who has a focus in finance, I regularly talk to other AEPi guys at business meetings and networking events.

Do you stay in touch with any brothers? If so, who?
I still keep in touch with most of my pledge class; many of us moved to the same area (Washington, D.C.) after college. We are still very close and regularly get together.

What advice do you have for your undergraduate brothers?
Enjoy your time at Penn State and at AEPi; both are two strong connections that will last a lifetime.

(l-r) Aaron Flyer ‘07, Doug Cakert ‘07 and Adam, Halloween 2005.

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